About Us

Dr. Kapil Kochhar is nationally known as a leader in male fertility treatment and research. He has received widespread recognition and numerous awards for his work and is an active member in professional associations worldwide.

Unparalleled Among Men’s Sexual Health and Male Fertility Clinics

  • You will receive timely, cutting-edge care and the wisdom of medicine joined together to not only treat, but actually solve, the problems of men of various ages.
  • You will be in the hands of Dr. Kochhar nationally recognized male fertility doctor and Andrology specialist who can translate reams of medical information to make sense for you on an individual, personal level. He applies that information to your treatment in a way that is convenient and tailored made for you.
  • The clinic boasts of state-of-the-art procedures, techniques and equipment, as Dr. Kochhar has popularized many techniques, including microsurgical vasectomy reversal, vasectomy, testicular mapping and microsurgical sperm retrieval.
  • Dr Kochhar uses secure, proprietary web-based technology to follow and regularly monitor your recovery after surgical procedures, no matter where in the world you live.
  • The clinic is created as a sanctuary in which medical care is delivered the way it used to be, when doctors had time to talk and listen to patients and learn of their issues. Because understanding what makes you tick can help you tick better.
  • Do you feel that if you knew enough about your care that you could make better decisions? Your questions are encouraged and patient education is valued, because an informed patient makes the best choices.